Friday, 14 January 2011

Shrimp Girl vs THE ROOM

I'm sure you all remember the evil ROOM that was lurking in my house, well it is finally finished (or as finished as it can be right now) charity picked up 15 boxes yesterday, the rest went in the trash and the few things I had left I put by the kerb last night and they had been stolen by bedtime :)
There is some furniture to be added to 'The Room' late February but for now, this is what 'THE ROOM' actually looks like...

Did you know I had a radiator there...I didn't..

I was helped by my MUSE turned up to MAX volume, and hindered by three cats thinking my "tidying" was just me creating them a giant wibbly wobbly climbing frame of fun and pouncing.

Things I found;

  • £20 - wooohoo!
  • 3 used disposable melted...(I did NOT know that could happen)
  • 2 spinning plates from the circus & a frisbee - RE-SULT
  • 2 x Gift cards with the value of £25
  • 5 x 2nd Class postage stamps
  • 8 AAA batteries of undetermined age
  • 3 cable tidy kits (unused) because D keeps buying one everytime we go anywhere that sells them because they are 'Manly.'
  • A massive scalextric set (working)

    I also discovered that 75% of all my handbags are pink, (who'd have thought?) it would seem that every time I lost one I brought a new pink one.

    So I think I did pretty darned well, okay now let me show you what behind the door...

    Okay so I know that still looks like a huge pile of boxes, but other than the Christmas tree each of those boxes is full to the brim with second hand books (in other words shop stock)
    Which will be sold, destroyed or listed on-line and placed into the office room (full of shelving) They should all or at least 50% should be gone by September, and since I don't deal in many second-hand books any more (more new-discounted) it shouldn't be hard to NOT re-fill the room.

    I'll give you all another update once I get the furniture in there and on that note, this is SHRIMP GIRL signing off :)


    1. You go Shrimp Girl! Now I'm really gonna have to get after my "Room"... this weekend is Pork Roast Time, but maybe next weekend I'll tie a rope around my waist and dive on in!

    2. It's definitely rewarding but now people keep giving me more junk which I need to store too, thankfully I'm being pretty ruthless and just throwing things out or putting them on ebay lol Got some shelving coming in feb to sort out the boxes of books which are my "keep" books so should get even tidier then :)

    3. LOVE the picture ... complete with a cape!
      Shrimp Girl: 1! The ROOM: 0!
      I think the cats should get half a point for their "assistance"
      Congratulations on getting the room finished!

      Bet the radiator melted the camera. Evil radiator of doom :)

      PS - I would so wear that tee-shirt

    4. Haha! It is awesome I'm thinking of having one made :D Apparently the battery acid leaked from the camera, totally weird snarled metal thing but at least i get to take them all to be developed and find out what i photographed all those years ago!