Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sim Science

Now ya'll remember I wanted to do some science this year, well I've put most of it on hold until my teeth are better ('cause science is expensive ya'll)
But the one experiment I CAN do is on the sims. D brought me sims 3 on the xbox for christmas, I already had it on the PC but I wanted it on the xbox so I could get all the achievements and because I'm impressionable by their totally awesome advert.

Well on my game there are a few "things" I want to test, firstly I woo-hoo'd with an evil criminal to try have evil spawn so I could kill the father and then marry the rich millionaire and unleash said evil spawn on him, which would put him in an early grave allowing me to be rich and marry the hunk of the neighbourhood. (D says my Sims life is waaay too complex.)
This one is still in progress since said spawn was born clumsy and not evil. I've called him Jinks and I can't wait to see HOW clumsy he'll be when he's older.
Anyway, my second piece of sims science is all about a sim called TRISH, shes a NPC (non-player character) and she is humongous. I am curious to see if I befriend her, invite her over a lot (and then feed her salad) and if I keep asking her to go to the gym with me, if I can shed her extra weight or if she is "fixed" to be big.
Thirdly, with the new karma powers I want to see if it's possible to be a serial killer, I've already scared a lot of people with my poltergeists but I haven't managed to actually KILL anyone. Yet.
Finally (for now) I wanted to see if my RL hairdresser could give me my sims hair-cut - turns out yes she could so I now have a cute lil 'bob' and a proper fringe(bangs?). Which make me look sleek and professional as well as quite young and cute. (Yes I'm vain but I have new hair it's excusable)
So I'm off back to my sim-land, maybe if I use the fire storm karma power this time I can kill the rich mans wife off.

P.S You do NOT want to know what I subjected my sim of D to, let's just say he should've gotten me that puppy he promised. Sims are awesome, legalized voodoo you can play on your TV.


  1. Hmmm...I like voodoo.

  2. It's best used when the people you want to voodoo are IN the room then lock their sim in a room with no food or facilities and watch them suffer, petty soon the real person starts to suffer too :)

  3. I'm sooooo glad I'm not the only one who builds fake worlds with no toilets and no food and then watches the fake people suffer and die! Show some ingenuity, fake people! TOILETS ARE FOR THE WEAK!

  4. Fake people? This is mini D, I have his free will set to "puppet"