Thursday, 27 January 2011

Girls Just wanna have fun

I woke up this morning singing!? 'Girls just wanna have fun' in my sleep while dreaming I was stroking a little white kitten I'd named adelweiss, and touring a steel factory when suddenly we all broke into dance in the cinema auditorium. I woke up laid down but STANDING ON MY FEET in the bed - and now my back hurts.
Clearly I need to try eating some solids after my dentist appointment as I'm going CRAZY from lack of food.
On a plus I'm now totally hooked on Moonlight (it's been a long time since a TV show sucked me in (haha vampires suck) this way) and today I also received my new wholesalers catalogue AND THEY SENT SAMPLES so there's three hours of my life down the drain today already doing my favourite thing- guilt free shopping.
D has already decided my calling is not to run my own business but to be a purchasing director of a multinational corporation. I wouldn't have worried so much about starting my own business if someone had told me that it takes along of work selling AND SHOPPING for stock. Now those two things I can do! Buying for a business is SO much more satisfying than for yourself, you get to buy things you really don't need but someone else might and you get to test stuff first. Then of course all profits go into your pocket. Dream. Job.

*** Also this steel factory dream backs up my belief that the Steelers will win the Superbowl so I'm off to place a bet later.


  1. the Steelers have to win even though I hate them because I hate the Packers more. That's how football works, and I should know, I play a sportscaster on the radio. My very favorite catalogs are those wholesale ones where you have to order multiples of everything, but I don't have a store, so I just end up with 3 of things. Now I'll pack up the extras and send them to yooooou!

  2. Yes thats the sort of catalogue and yes send them to MEEE! I just don't now if when it says £2 20 per pack that means I get 20 for £2 or it's £2 x 20 for 1 pack.

  3. I hope you win your bet. It appears you know way more than me about our NFL. I had/have no clue who is even in the Superbowl. I do however watch the commercials online the next day.

  4. Packers and the Steelers which I find hilarious as our town is a steel town and D works at a packing factory :)