Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My Secret Addiction

I'm hoping D has knocked me up and I'm expecting a very weird child, that, or I'm now auditioning for that show everyone is talking about "My Secret Addiction." Since the first option is quite unlikely I guess I'd better start writing my application form and filming my crazy "pick-me" video now.

Since my dental expenses started we are back to doing our best impressions of the 'little matchstick girl' as we scavenge cupboards looking for SOMETHING to eat.
I've even begun selling everything I can find on Ebay, maybe, just maybe if I can sell 100 items at £1 each I can afford to visit the dentist again on the 25th.
For dinner today I was staring forlornly in the fridge at the fact all we had was mouldy cheese (ick) and condiments so I made a new sandwich.
Add one tortilla wrap, smear coleslaw onto wrap, then add a handful of currants, chopped hazelnuts, crushed pringles, bits of rescued cheese (non mouldy), wrap up and then eat.
- It was actually quite delicious and reminded me of how I; enjoy figs with coleslaw, enjoy chocolate with coleslaw, sausages with coleslaw and chutney...the list goes on...

So that's my secret addiction, the one I never admit to in front of friends, give me a tub of coleslaw and ANY OTHER FOOD and I will mix them together...did I mention it's good with chocolate cake?

In case you're concerned about my cooking abilities let me reassure you that even now I have a whole chicken steaming in the shower ready for us to eat for tea. Heston Blumenthal - move over :P


  1. Coleslaw? As in cabbage and mayo coleslaw?

  2. Yup and even sweetslaw, cheeseslaw and prawnslaw but I prefer coleslaw (original)

  3. I, I just, um, yeah. K. I can't come up with anything here.

    I didn't even know there WERE other slaws.

    The things I learn hanging out here!

  4. Sweetslaw is cabbage mayo and sugar, it's delish with like ribs and a big ol' Mexican type dish (takes the heat out)
    Prawn slaw is creamier and has prawns in it.
    Cheese slaw is harsh tasting but nice in a sandwich.

  5. OMG, I am also a slaw-o-holic! I once ordered a family fish meal from Long John Silver's (yes,it was all for me to eat all by myself, duh) and when I got home, they had left out my slaw... so I had to go back and raise me some hell. I WILL NOT EAT my fish without slaw... or barbeque... or shrimps...

  6. Yay I'm not alone :) I went to the supermarket today and spent a good 10 minutes just staring at the rows and rows of slaw. Salivating.

  7. Coleslaw and chocolate cake? I don't believe you. Is UK cole slaw the same as US cole slaw?

    I love your list! Especially the one about retiring to Greece!

  8. Thanks, everyone needs lists., the more the better!
    I have no idea, I assume it's the same, ours is carrot,cabbage,onion and other veg cut up in mayo?
    TRY it with chocolate cake it's sharp on you taste buds then creamy and then chocolatey