Wednesday, 26 January 2011

What would Sydney Bristow Do?

Whenever I find myself in one of life's "hilarious" sketches of pain, torment and sadness I always think; What would Sydney Bristow Do?
For those of you who don't know of Sydney Bristow she's the chick from Alias.

She's a smart, fit, witty, brave, fearless, kickass kinda girl. And I want to be her. (minus the cia double agent crime fighting part)
So whenever I feel like an utter wuss I think "What would Sydney Bristow do?"
When Sydney had her teeth removed in episode one she didn't have any pain relief and she was brave and fearless, so take today;
I patiently sat in the waiting room of hell without smashing anything or running away screaming, no, no I kept my cool and stayed in character.
Thirty minutes later when they came to get me (thirty minutes? I mean COME ON!) my cool fa├žade had started to slip and I was shredding some of their free reading materials to help make beds for all the orphaned homeless hamsters and gerbils of the world. (there was a sign okay)

I enter the torture chamber and THE DENTIST says;
"Hello Holly how are you today?....Well I'm glad your teeth are better and that you think you don't need seeing but if you'll just let go of the door frame and come and have a seat I'll check them for you....yes I know you googled the words teeth and dentistry on the internet and while that makes you somewhat qualified I'd like to take a look anyway.."

Rats my persuasive Sydney questioning failed! So I take a seat and the "fun" begins. I would like to take this chance to say my Dentist is a wonderful woman who is calm, kind, professional but very good and handling panicky patients (me) so I know this could have gone worse.

We'd agreed I'd have no pain relief (cause Sydney has balls of steel) and so had a code. If I ripped her mask off and started screaming and gouging her eyes out raised my hand, she would stop. I could do this as often as I liked, if it hurt or I just needed to take a minute (seriously she's wonderful.) So away we go, her checking with me I'm not instantly in pain, letting me know how it's going and keeping an eye on my reactions.
I grip my hands together so tightly my knuckles go white, I close my eyes and start singing "1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive" over and over in my head(not the song just that one line), some of the procedure is okay, some of the procedure is not so okay and has me sitting on my hands to avoid throwing them into her face while my feet are frantically wiggling in the air.

I DO NOT scream, I DO NOT hit anyone, I am Sydney Bristow.
At some point towards the end of my wheel of pain, I realise that in episode one Sydney Bristow leaps out of the chair crushing THE DENTIST and beating him to a pulp, I suddenly open my eyes and look at THE DENTIST and think "What am I DOING I'm Sydney Bristow!" As I raise my leg ready to scissor kick them away from me THE DENTIST steps back and tells me we're finished.
Total adrenaline wrecker.
I am shown my newly shiny problem-free teeth, shown my cavity/rot free x-rays and told I'm going to be fine. How people with my problem usually have rotten teeth or have left it too late after their accident, how I have a little bone loss but am otherwise fine. How she can tell I have good oral hygiene and floss and if I just keep it up I'll be okay. She's telling me I'm okay.

My teeth are now a little sore after their deep clean and a little itchy after their prodding but my infection is fought, my teeth are intact and apparently all should be okay. There is just a little sensitivity from the procedure which should clear up in a few weeks days. It is a frikkin' miracle. When I smashed my face into the road 7 months ago, I thought I'd bent my teeth back into my head, I sure had busted up my face. Even when I was shown this hadn't happened they hurt so darned much I was terrified, now it turns out that I'm almost in the clear (sure there might be nerve damage lurking for a future prickle) but for now I'm exhausted from my day of terror and ready to flop into bed, if my teeth would please kindly stop aching...I'll be okay.


  1. I LOVE going to the dentist. Of course that's probably because I never had a cavity, but still. I like how squeaky clean they are after a good cleaning.

  2. Freak!
    This was a deep deep hour long clean to get down past the gums to wear my problem was I'm really hoping I can maybe eat some solids today

  3. (closed-circuit to Laura -- it's not appropriate to brag about being a mutant!)

    So glad you got all your tooth crap over in one go -- now you can just start healing up! You've inspired me to finally give up on my old dentist who never calls me back and find a new one who will fix this hole in my head where my filling fell out! You're my hero!

  4. Thanks, I've also inspired D to go get his teeth checked and he said he's impressed by my bravery :) It's such a relief that she said she could see I was doing everything right, when I go to a dentist I just feel like they go bah you never brush bah you deserve this cavity etc. even if you try your hardest and think you're doing okay with your brushing. My dentist is lovely just costly. LOL

  5. "yes I know you googled the words teeth and dentistry on the internet and while that makes you somewhat qualified I'd like to take a look anyway..."---Cracked me up!