Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cooking with Holly

D has recently given up smoking and has, in an attempt to keep busy, become a snack fiend.
In my attempts to fatten him up help, I have been baking my socks off.
We've had home made bread, cakes, desserts, pies etc.
By far my WORST cooking attempt and therefore the one I'll share with you, (even worse than brownie points) has to be the chocolate cookies I made him.
I followed the recipe to the LETTER and it was a famous chef's recipe too!
I was so paranoid about wrecking them I carefully measured and mixed everything in the correct order.
The chocolate cookies were described on the site as being crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, mine turned out gooey on the outside and...erm....cake in the middle.

Delish though. Maybe I've invented a new snack, I shall call them 'cakies' and they will make me rich, rich I tells ya, rich!


  1. You can totally sign me up for the "Cakie of the Month" club -- I'm what is known as an "experimental" cook myself, which sometimes mean "Wow, a new dish!" and sometimes means "Who's ordering the pizza?"

  2. I'm good with normal food but I am completely unable to make cookies and brownies they either end up as cake or hard biscuits it's so frustrating

  3. I would also like to sign up for that Cakie of the Month Club.

  4. Awesome :) poisoning our enemies, one dish at a time