Saturday, 1 January 2011

I'm like Dr. Dolittle only cuter.

So earlier I'm sat on the sofa with Roarke (my tom cat) and he's having one of his cat seizures dreams which are twice as creepy since he has a disgusting habit of sleeping with his eyes open so they get all cloudy and icky and I end up poking him in the eye to get him to close it....anyways...
So he's "dreaming" and making these pathetic mewling noises which is not like him so I said


to which he woke up looked at me and went "meow" (as in yes)

Me(bemused): "Are you okay?"

and he honest to god gave me a happy chirpy "meow" bobbed his head and stared at me intently, even D found it funny how it seemed like Roarke and I were "connecting"

You may be thinking this here crazy cat lady has lost the plot, but I know how he spoke and he was answering me.

Well a bit later on D and I had decided to play twister, I never have before and my brother (10 years my senior) got me it for Christmas. We got to the point where both of us were in knots and didn't have any hands free to spin the wheel. Jokingly I said to Roarke who was still sat on the sofa "spin the wheel will you?" and you know what - he did.
He spun it each and every time we asked him - although I have to say he was a little too enthusiastic at times and stopped it from spinning before the arrow had landed on anything. Clearly this proves I have brand new magical powers and that I can talk with the animals - or that Roarke's "seizures" have now allowed him to understand fluent people-talk. Maybe I can ask him to stop waking us at four in the morning and he'll understand....then again I'm pretty sure he already understands that early mornings are a no-no but is just playing dumb and laughing at me behind my back.


  1. Callie Jean also has the terrifying twitchy dreams -- and I always wake her up. I feel kinda bad that she might be having a good dream of running and jumping and chasing... but I just can't take the chance that my baby is having a nightmare! Yes, I am the crazy cat lady!

  2. I'm exactly the same I'm always worried they are having a nightmare!