Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New years resolutions - that I wasn't going to do but got suckered into anyway

I make it a point not to make new years resolutions. I hate the whole "oh look, it's a whole new year now things will be different, not because we've changed but because the date has *insane giggling*" People who make resolutions just because it's new year make me want to shoot them. Fact.

But this year quite by accident D and I made resolutions, call it "what happens in bed when you can't sleep and start talking";

1) Eat less take-out - most of the time what's delivered is incorrect and I throw the mother of all tantrums get a bit upset. Then D has to call them up and yell at them and we don't have a very nice time at all, plus it's expensive. (I have allergies and you'd think NO onions would mean NO ONIONS)
Eat out instead of take-out and make it a special occasion.
Spend more money on nicer things when food shopping so we can create more from scratch instead of shopping like we're still uber poor.

2) Get in a routine
Have fixed meal times, fixed days when certain jobs get done (like a wash day) so we don't end up dashing around doing damage control in the house and a "fixed" bedtime so neither of us spend the week knackered because we just had to go to bed at midnight even though we are up at 5am.

3) Get in a work routine - up at 6am and done by 1pm suits me just fine :)

4) End the year with some savings in a saving account and not gulping at every bill that crosses the threshold
Put 100% of my wages into a savings account starting from Feb

and finally;
Conduct 7 science experiments this year, because I'm curious as a cat and want to know how stuff works.

So sadly, that's my shameful list of "Resolutions" or just "things we should try get right this year."


  1. I love that you came up with solutions! It's much easier to meet your goal when you have a plan. So proud of you!

    Need me to send you a zombie for one of your science experiments? Or are the science experiments for the "yet to be written cookbook"?

  2. LOL NO ZOMBIES *shudder* hmm that's an idea ... food science

  3. we still eat garbage, too -- even though I occasionally try to shop like a grown person. Chuckweasel's favorite meal -- no lie -- is Fish Sticks and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. It's like a trailer park anniversary!

  4. Don't forget to use a stick when conducting your scientifical experiments.

    I try to cook one "fancy" meal a week. "Fancy" just means it's not cooked in a microwave.