Monday, 17 January 2011

Counterproductive...Moi? Never

Gees I'm a big ol' lump of lazy today. I'm determined (mentally) to get plenty of work done but spiritually I can barely be bothered to drag my ass around.
Since I visited the dentist last week (bad news if the x-rays come back with problems) I've been feeling glum, I mean no-one likes to hear that either you're gonna be fine or about to become toothless. And even glummer (yes it's a word) about the £70 I don't have that my next appointment is going to cost.
I'm frustrated too that she has told me there is nothing wrong with the tooth I'm complaining about, and though said tooth HEARD what she said it is still playing tingle and twinge with me on a repeated thirty second basis which is slowly driving me insane.
I've put a Gilmore girls marathon on in the hope their perkiness would rub off on me, which failed because my teeth were too distracting. I then found myself wandering aimlessly through the house and garden for no particular reason other than the work was in the living room and I was trying to avoid it.
On my 5th voyage through the kitchen I suddenly spied at the back of the larder a wondrous box of promise and niceness. Super expensive high cocoa content chocolates. I am now trying to achieve a chocolate high without inducing a sugar coma, in the hope I'll become super happy and speedy and get my work done.
Chances are though that D will come home from work in six hours to find my face smeared in chocolate while sprawled sleeping across the sofa, my unfinished work piled around me and the cat making my back into her newest bed.

If anyone has a spare set of teeth going or a miracle cure for crazy phantom pains please share it, it's been a month and I'm about ready to start killing people now.


  1. You shouldn't have the let the dental lady say anything in front of The Tooth... now it knows you complained about it and that makes you a Tooth Snitch and now THEY'RE ONTO YOU!
    Sorry I don't know any secret science knowledge to make it stop hurting -- I usually just use enough of that Orajel stuff to make my entire face and throat go numb and then drool a lot.

  2. What is this magical Orajel you speak of and where can I buy a vat?