Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cooking Fiend

Since D quit smoking (3 weeks and counting) he's been on a mission to eat us out of house and home. So being the awesome Wifey that I am, I've showered him with edible treats in all shapes and sizes.
On Tuesday he came home to this propping up his laptop,

I'm thinking I could make a living out of building these hampers!

I then spent yesterday trapping people in my production line kitchen, baking fairy cakes, flapjacks, bread and biscuits. I'm a cooking wiz I tells ya, and better yet, nobody died.

There would have been better pictures but we'd eaten so much by that point this was about all that was left, plus in the other pictures I'm coated in a white icing sugar type substance and I look like a partially plastered mummy

I've taken the opportunity to spend the weekend filling up on sugary treats before my dentist appointment of hell, torture and torment on Tuesday.
Oh - and that junk I tried to get rid of on Ebay? Well apparently I have all the things the cool kids want since I've sold the majority of it and made myself a pretty pile of cash to almost to the value of my dental work. Yippee.


  1. Not one, but what appears to be TWO Toblerones??? D Doesn't deserve your awesomeness! (and oddly, spellcheck doesn't recognize "Toblerone" so spellcheck is evil).

  2. Two? Nah there were 7 of those babies in there!

  3. Are those fairy cakes in the picture? What are they? They look good!

  4. Yes fairy cakes made with chocolate cherries and lots of chocolate butter cream filling:)