Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm gonna be

After I received the Wholesaler catalogue yesterday I was convinced I was about to become a millionaire. 20p for an item. (20 in pack) so that is 1p per item at COST PRICE - I'm gonna be rich!
I even rang D at work to tell him he could hand his notice in, how we were going to open our own store and be million-freakin-aires.
When D came home hours later (he didn't take my advice and quit his promising career for my flighty dream) he proceeded to tell me how my business model was flawed -what business model? I'd just opened the catalogue and decided I wanted to buy everything and that we were gonna be rich.
I listened to him yammer on about how it was not going to work blah blah blah. This only encouraged me to succeed more, but instead of becoming a millionaire I'm now going to become a TWO millionaire so I can burn the second million in front of D's face going 'nah-nah this could've been yours but you didn't believe in me''

About an hour later I read the catalogue it's 20p per unit and you have to buy in multiples of 20 (£4 total cost) PLUS erm it's not AS cheap as I first thought,
(Give me a break it's my first wholesaler catalogue I don't know how it works) but still pretty cheap.
I do plan on stocking from them but maybe millionaire-dom & global domination is a few more years away yet...


  1. That's so me! A business model? Why do we need that?

  2. What's weird is I didn't even show him any models or anything but there he is talking away about one.

  3. Don't listen to D ... if he was so smart he would already be a millionaire, but he's not!

    You have creativity and enthusiasm ... who needs a business model? Besides you can model you own items, why do you need to hire one? Silly D.

  4. if you need models, us girls could do it for you -- and I guess we could wear suits and ties so we'd be "business models," but is this a fetish thing? "Cause we'd need extra compensation for that...

    AND my captcha is "stabum" -- which is MY business model!