Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Bad news happens to everyone.

We've just lost a close member of our family. D's Grandad died at 6am on Sunday. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer but after a fretful Christmas (being told his death would be imminent) he was told "you should have a while left, it could be 10 days or 10 years" and was receiving physiotherapy so he could go home. Then suddenly, (it seems that way to us), with no further deterioration as such, he's died.
Thankfully he went in his sleep, a relief as his breathing would have been difficult and I'd rather he was asleep when he stopped being able to breathe and not awake and terrified.
I'm going to be MIA for a few days, nothing much seems funny at the moment - well okay so a lot of stuff does but I can't figure out if it IS funny or if we are just laughing hysterically.
D is off work on compassionate leave and I'm behind with my work from the weekend and need to catch up. We are bumping along trying to keep each other going. Sunday I looked through old albums and had a cry, yesterday we got drunk and today I think we might get just a little more drunk (once I've posted my orders - getting drunk beforehand would probably just get a lot of people the wrong stuff).
I'll be back soon, just taking some time to let this all sink in, it just doesn't feel real.


  1. *hugs*
    I'm so very sorry. Give D a hug from all your readers.

  2. I am sorry for yours and D's loss.

  3. Oh, baby, that's so hard... I'm sending you and D all the love in the world!