Monday, 28 February 2011

Tying up loose ends

I finally ate my 500g of pic-n-mix this weekend, and I've decided that because it lasted me 5 whole days and provided so much happiness I have to continue the pic-n-mix quest again next week. You may notice the sheer amount of pink n white bottles, they are my favourites :)

It also has made me want to go and fill 10 bags with pic n mix and then to go around my friends houses and drop them off a bag :) I could be the pic-n-mix faerie!

D has also returned from his business trip. Did I mention I'd met him at the train station before he left and handed him his own bag of pic-n-mix? Per my instructions he had robbed his hotel room of all the goodies his teeny tiny satchel could hold.

Those biscuits were heavenly. Home-made shortbread-oaty-sugary-cranberry goodness in a bag :)
What neither of us had realised was the "hotel" was a SPA! So he stole me some spa goodies too and the bubblebath smells awesome.

Some of you may also remember the mystery gift I was receiving for Christmas from my friends. Well I finally got it...yes in February...(we are very busy people) and since there were requests to keep you updated I can tell you my friend gave me the special edition set of the Twilight movies in a fancy little tin. This was NOT what D had tried to spoil the surprise with so all is good.


  1. How do we get the pic-n-mix faerie to visit our homes? I don't have to leave a tooth under my pillow, do I?

    D follows orders rather well! Good job on scoring bubblebath :)

  2. Hmm no I think the teeth fall out AFTER she's been. I suppose you have to send her a stamped addressed envelope and not mind the pic-n-mix going slightly...stale.

  3. Wow. Those candies and cookies look good. Damn good.

  4. I have never been to a hotel that gave you cookies. Dammit. I did, however, score a lot of tiny jars of ketchup and mayonaisse off the room service cart in Pittsburgh -- it's not like they should be using them AGAIN, right??? Those are surely for my use only!

  5. Eww I hope they weren't using them again.
    I did have to explain to D the difference between what is complementary and what is just plain ol' stealing.

  6. there's a difference? I always figured everything they hadn't bolted down was fair game...

  7. Light bulb, fair game, lamp...not so much