Saturday, 12 February 2011

Spontaneous nights out

Last night we went to an as much as Holly can cram in her handbag all you can eat Chinese restaurant. It was great fun but while we were there D managed to insult the (16yr old) waitress with a comment about Tibet. Yes we all made him go sit at a different table.
Then I decided to embarrass the table by ordering a glass of rum for the sole reason that; "I wanted to be a pirate," so I'm arghhh, matey and raaagh - ing and after my 4th sip of straight rum the walls went all wobbly and I felt so lovely. So we started discussing some documentaries we've seen. I shouted across to D and we shared the story of the snow fox who can hear a mouse from 10ft under snow and then does this whole massive pouncy thing to get it.

Which then led me to in the program the wolves were "at-it" and my mum got all embarrassed and tried to talk over it and then the wolf that had "gone at it" was a loner and the rest of the pack came for him, but because they can't un-couple he was dragging the girl wolf across the floor "joined at the you know what" and they are both squealing from the pain and my mum was trying to appear comfortable watching this nature show with her daughter and son-in-law...this is the point I realised I was talking so loud everyone else in the restaurant had stopped talking and was watching me.....I thought what I was talking about was okay I mean it's science right? So to quiet the looks about my wolf sex conversation I announced loudly and like they were was a DOCUMENTARY.
I'll cross rum off my "drinks with friends" list.


  1. It was still an animal porn DOCUMENTARY. Those are the best kind.

  2. why is it that it's perfectly okay to watch animals have sex on the National Geographic Channel but if it's on Cinemax it's a different story? People can be so judgemental... and you can drink rum with me anytime!

  3. Hoody, you'd have to pretend to walk with a peg leg while sloshing rum everywhere too

    But very uncomfortable to watch with parents when you're young laura :)