Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rorschach Test Time!

It's time to find out, which of you are mentally unstable, serial killers in the making, or just plain old psychos. But instead of looking at ink-blots and telling me what you see, here are the remaining pictures from my Pyro-activities
If you could comment on what you see in each picture, then leave your address for me to send the men in white coats they'd...I mean...I'd appreciate it.




Apologies on the image size but while re-sizing I accidentally saved over my photos with this tiny size so erm, get a magnifier or something.... I mean...yeah, that's part of the test...
Happy Testing you serial killer, you and I'll get my team of 'experts' working hard to analyse your results

The team of experts


  1. They all look like shapes of flames. Am I a serial killer?

  2. 1. It's that little logo guy who's reaching for the stars... I think he's from the Make-A-Wish Foundation? And he's ON FIRE...

    2. Viking Boat OF FIRE (see the oars?)

    3. That's a happy snake, but why is it so happy being ON FIRE?

    4. Scotty Dog. ON FIRE. You sick bassurd.

    Tell the men to hurry on over, I've made tea and cake.

  3. Hmm laura I think that makes you an arsonist

  4. I see

    1. A goat's face mid-fire
    2. A Phoenix taking it's first flight out of the fire
    3. A unicorn with it's head turned to the right and the flames loop around the body.
    4. An orc with a sword on his back and horrible tusky face

  5. 1) Hammerhead Shark rising out the barrel
    2) Great White Shark [ok it could be a dolphin, but I'm not a fan of those uppity fishies, so I'm sticking with the great white. Though now that she said Viking Boat, I can see that too.]
    3) Slimer from Ghost Busters. Unicorn? What? *looks again* Maaaaybe.
    4) A gopher singing karaoke. Definitely.

    I'd like expert number 2 to review my answers!

  6. hey amber if you wanna see my unicorn try the previous post, 3 pictures down :)

  7. Now I see it! It looked like an elephant for a while, but then it clicked ... the unicorn's head is lowered a bit. Right on! Bet the unicorn's name is Charlie. :)

    I totally see the orc.

    This is so much more fun than cloud gazing! PLUS you get to set stuff on FIRE!

  8. #1 - Abraham Lincoln. #2 - a dolphin with a hat on diving to the bottom of the ocean. #3 - couldn't see - no, really, the picture didn't show up #4 the French lady liberty giving someone a rude gesture. Now I think I will go have a lie down while the men with the coats come.