Monday, 7 February 2011

Superbowl Sunday!

We had a Superbowl Adventure! In the middle of Christina's warbling of the anthem, D screamed "Hamster"" at me. I thought he was just dissing her make-up but nope, Bailey, my hamster was sitting on the floor by the Ottoman. Bailey the escape artist who should have been in her new (apparently not hamster-proof) cage. She was sitting there looking at us with a "has the Superbowl started yet" expression on her face while my THREE CATS lurked in the doorway behind her.
I did a whole belly-crawl try not to let her think I'm going to grab her before I grab her manoeuvre to get her to safety.
We took her back to the cage TWO ROOMS AWAY - which was still in one piece - and still locked up tight. Crazy hamster!
This has only happened once before - she escaped from her rolling explora-ball a year ago, and was herded through the house by my cats suddenly appearing in the centre of the living room (while we had visitors.) D and I screamed "HAMSTER" and once again I had to pull a fucking matrix move to catch her.
I'd like to add that my Cats are ruthless mice and vole killing machines but I trained them from day one with Bailey that she was higher in the food chain than them. It's really lucky since she has a penchance for exploration and they have sharp teeth and claws. Evie however adores her, she will sit and chatter with Bailey through the bars and rub up against her - until Bailey nibbles her nose, just to remind her whose boss.

Now back to the actual superbowl. I bet that the GB packers would WIN the coin-toss, I was right but then I remembered I forgot to actually PUT my bet on for that so I'm annoyed at myself.
The bet I actually put on was for Steelers to win overall and GB Packers to lead at half time. Stupidly Steelers failed to come back turning my prophetic dream into a proverbial nightmare. Amongst the losing I decided at 00:20am (superbowl here is LA-TE finishing at 3:30am) that I wanted to order take-out. I ordered from Viva on-line and they rejected the order (in all fairness they were due to close only minutes later) so I ordered from Presto instead. 10 Minutes later Viva rang me up to say they'd "changed their minds" and could deliver. I politely explained we'd already gone elsewhere and hung-up. A Few minutes later Presto rang to confirm my order (that consisted of lots of Tennessee toffee pie and checking that one person would really want that much pie). The phone rang - it was Viva (again) calling to tell me they were delivering our order because they had started cooking it. D explained to them (more politely than I would have) that THEY had REJECTED our order so WE had gone to a COMPETITOR.
Luckily when the food arrived there was no Pistols at dawn in the garden from Viva and Presto meeting on my "turf" and being such a lil piggie I still have toffee pie left for Breakfast.


  1. if I could get toffee pie delivered in the middle of the night, I would be so fat Richard Simmons would have to come cut me out of my house! And good on ya for the successful hamster-retrieval -- I was once reduced to hysterical tears trying to recapture several wayward chinchillas at a museum where I worked (bassurds can jump higher than your HEAD!).

  2. ugh I am NOT keeping chinchillas ever. Bailey is quite well behaved but I'd hate to lose her under something.
    They don't just deliver toffee pie, but also strawberry cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake and really food too.

  3. we used to have a service that would go around to restaurants that didn't deliver and pick you up some food -- I LOVED THEM!

  4. OMG that's so my business plan! Luckily the place that makes awesome food and doesn't deliver my neighbour works at so he offers me his discount and brings it home.