Thursday, 10 February 2011

Saying goodbye

The funeral was yesterday, it was a lot better than we'd all thought it would be with a light-hearted edge and much chattering. I did break-down at the end of the service but I think that was more relief that it was done than anything. My sister-in-law and I clung to each other sobbing, it's so satisfying to cry when the person holding you is crying about the same thing too, it makes you feel understood on some deep level.

The collation was really lovely, we brought D's Grandad a Bacardi and coke (his "drink") and had it set beside his photo at the bar (a tradition I like to up-hold). We ate a lot of absolutely delicious food (I went to the buffet four, yes four times) and then the immediate family sat around a table telling stories and jokes, and for two hours, our table howled with laughter. It was wonderful. Even D's dad was laughing and smiling which was a relief. Here is one of the funniest jokes from the day that I can actually remember enough to re-tell, it's based around jess going to the buffet to get scones, us all debating if it's pronounced s-con or scoh-ne and returning to David sat in her chair;

J: That's Jess's Chair
Dave: It's Dave's Chair
J: It was Jess's Chair
Dave: You got up so now it's scone (scoh-ne)

Probably not as funny now but in context it was hilarious.

It was nice to say good bye to Grandad Len and I'd like to share two memories with you;
I remember for my birthday one year he invited D and I to his holiday home for the weekend, when we arrived he'd made me a party tea (a wonderful surprise) and we all enjoyed it together, (as this was set in our dark ages) he even gave D some money so he could take me out for dinner that night, he was so very generous.

My second memory is of him dancing with me on our wedding day, he spun me round the dance floor at light speed (a bit faster than my dress could allow) and with a lot more verve than I'd have thought he'd manage. It was lovely and he showered me with compliments. Sadly my own grandfathers died many years before so being able to dance with D's Grandad really meant something to me.

He was a little crotchety at times but every time he interfered, got someone's back up or offered opinions it was because he cared but just couldn't word it well. He was very generous, always offering compliments and I used to love to cook for him, often sending him extras and left-overs. I'll miss his visits, his phone calls and his smile. He'll be sadly missed.


  1. It is fantastic that you hold nothing but good memories of him. He sounds like he was a good man.

  2. that was simply beautiful... love to you and D!

  3. Thanks guys, we're doing okay now, just trying to sort out a memorial bench at his favourite spot

  4. I'm sorry for your loss. It sounds like you have some wonderful memories.