Friday, 18 February 2011

Scavenger Hunt

As you may remember from my valentine's post, D doesn't celebrate Valentines day, however he can be conned into celebrating "Wednesday" just because "It's not Valentines day." So I made him this scavenger hunt for around the house and watched his bewilderment as he muttered "I should have put more thought into your gift." He's known me for eight or nine years now and if he's going to keep making these rookie mistakes and under-estimating me well then that's on him.

' "I may have Squeaky Hinges,
and a Rattling Letterbox too,
I'm the place for entry and exit,
used everyday by you."

Located at the front door were metal house numbers for him to attach outside

"At the end of a long hard day,
Just come and climb inside,
Underneath my soft warm covers,
is the cosiest place to hide."

"Open my door today,
and throw all your clothes in,
I'll rinse soak and wash,
and finish with a spin"

I brought him a Vintage red Givenchy tie for work, did I mention D loves ties.

"Pop in my plug,
fill me with hot bubbles,
jump into me,
and wash away your troubles"

"I am sometimes called 'the box'
entertaining is what I am for,
bringing movies, soaps and fun,
directly to your door."

And the final gift was 'LIPS' for the xbox, we have had so much fun howling along with the songs on it and trying to rap. At one point we both collapsed on the floor in fits of giggles -

D did get me a wonderful card full of mushiness which I won't share less he comes and takes it away from me again and of course he brought me candy, lots 'o candy.


  1. WOW girl, you went the whole nine yard stashing those gifts! Excellent!

  2. D got panicky and started trying to hide my gifts down the sofa and under the lamp, I had to explain it wasn't the "theme" of the gift-giving to hide them, I'd just thought it would be fun

  3. aaaww, you're so sweet! I just bought the Whore Candy and basically TOLD Chuckweasel we were going to Red Lobster... I'm not as sweet as you!

  4. I also cooked a 5 course meal yes FIVE courses (because D is a fussy piggie)