Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I'm a Fire starter, Terrific Fire starter

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved fire. I even wrote poems about fire at school and was dubbed "gifted" rather than "troubled."
I spent my teens burning things and not in a anything-will-do kind-of way but in the girl scout, well build fire kind-of way. I was fascinated by the colours, shapes and textures that appeared in an controlled fire. I knew where my parents kept the matches (top of the range in the middle sized left-hand tin) and I'd sneak a box out to go build a camp-fire on their patio and sit with my friends roasting marshmallows.
I'd always scrub the floor afterwards, bury the remains and pop a planter over the scorch mark, I don't think they ever knew.

For my art exam I build a big twig construction in the garden while my dad filmed it and then burnt it to the ground. I got a B (pretty impressive since it was just me being a pyromaniac) and have the whole thing on video to torture my future kids with. The first ever fire I built was on a beach in Scotland supervised (a bit) by my dad. It took me a whole box of swan vesta matches, including the box, to get that baby going - but it burned for five hours and it.was.awesome.

So imagine my delight when the sheer quantity of cardboard and damaged books I had taking over my house justified using an incinerator. And the even greater joy when my brother-in-law dropped his off for me to use!
So I put my fire starter beret on (because we all know that's what all good fire starters wear) and got to work burning everything (except the garden) that I could get my hands on, wicker, cardboard, old books, tax forms...and it was goooood.

The flames were red, gold, blue, green & purple

The fire was throwing off some pretty snazzy shapes

I think the top flame looks fish-like a bit like Cleo from Pinocchio

Eventually the rain came which meant I had to stop and continue the burning in a few days. So being all insp-fire-d I came inside and read Dante's Inferno - because we all know I'm an 'educated' fire starter.


  1. Did your mama never tell you that playing with fire will make you wet the bed? I am not sure why. The concubine's mother was a pyromaniac. They had an old dilapidated swimming pool in the backyard where she would throw trash and burn it. Like the Beverly Hillbillys, but in NYC!! I would have loved to have seen it.

  2. Those pictures are incredible! I'm SO jealous!
    Isn't fire liberating? *grins madly*

  3. Me too! I love starting fires. Camp fires of course...I have great luck with the Teepee method. The boys have nothing on me.

  4. There's nothing quite as satisfying as building a fire that can cook your food and keep you warm :)

    Hutch nope my mama always thought I had the sense not to play with fire in the first place.

    Amber yes it is :) I burn candles daily just so I can enjoy the sights and smells.

    Christie I don't think I've tried the tee-pee method but when I con D into taking me camping, I certainly will.

  5. Ha! I knew "Hutch" was my Dear Sweet Mama in disguise! And DSM, you ALSO told ME playing with fire would make me wet the bed... although I think you may have specified "playing with MATCHES."