Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cookie Recipe or 'baking this makes so-so biscuits'

Today's blog is short and effortless (because I'm feeling lazy and I need to be out all day) I promise it will be long and better tomorrow (but I'm lying because I'm lazy and out of town tomorrow too) unless something awesome happens when I'm out today.
I was asked for the recipe for the cookies so here it is.
Maybe someone else want's to try it and spare my feelings and tell me it's terrible!

I found it by googling "easy cookie recipe."
And last night while I was in bed I considered that perhaps that was the I got up today and first thing I did was to Google "hardest cookie recipe."
If I'm gonna suck at something let's suck at a 'mans game.'

Hazzah, sugar cookie failure here I come!!!
(or at least in a bit when I'm not so lazy I mean.....busy...yeah...busy)


  1. I had to google what 170C people don't need metric. That seems like a really low heat for baking to me. Though, looking at the recipe, I think those cookies are supposed to be doughy. They're practically no-bake cookies.

    The new recipe should work out better - higher temperature + thinner cookie = actually cooked cookies.

  2. I hope so! I thought gas mark 3 was crazy, but the shortbread I tried and failed to make last week was the same....and also a total fail

  3. Okay, I tried your original recipe. If I did the conversions correctly, it seems to have not enough flour to butter. The other shortbread recipes I have use mostly a 2:1 flour to butter and this is almost the inverse. I got them to come out at 15 minutes, still slightly wet and let them sit on the cookie sheet for another 5 minutes. They were not so much soft as they were falling apart tender and very, very thin - I think again due to too much butter, not enough flour.

    170C is about 340F, I think and most of my recipes call for 350F-375F so that isn't unreasonable, I don't think.

    Your new recipe looks more promising.