Thursday, 28 July 2011

Theory Test Time

I vanished for the last 24 hours because I'd suddenly realised that I had my driving theory booked for TODAY and I hadn't revised at.all.
In the last 24 hours I have read 946 pages of the theory test book - joy - practised my hazard perceptions test.......and then panicked because it turns out I'm not very perceptive of hazards. But all in all.....

WOOHOOO! I got 50/50 on my theory (hehe) and then mainly 5 and 4 points per hazard (5 is max) but i did mess up and score 2x 3points and 1x 2points so I really am pretty weak on them.
The stupid thing is that some hazards were ridiculous. People were literally throwing themselves into on-coming traffic and giant lorries were trying to u-turn in front of me when I was on a dual carriageway etc. It was all slightly farcical. I also found I was leaning back in my chair trying to not get hit by the stupid people. But now I am ONE STEP CLOSER to completing my dream of passing my driving test. My lessons start in a week and are of the intensive kind, so I can be taking my test before mid-September!!

Finally I'd like to thank all the "actors" who threw themselves in front of on-coming traffic just so I could take and pass my test. 
And if anyone else in the UK is taking theirs soon the 'Driving Test Success' CD ROM set was a GODSEND!


  1. I was all "Theory test? What?" Thank goodness you explained it at the end about your driver's license. Congrats to you!

  2. It's the stuff you have to pass before you can take your actual driving test. It's all about putting "theory into practise" which is dumb. And some of the questions are dumb or purposefully meant to trick you but I passed! Now to get behind the wheel of a car and learn to for real

  3. I didn't understand any of that. And that's okay. I'm just glad you are on your way to achieving drivers licensedom.

  4. I think you guys don't have any stupid "simulation" driving tests which are ridiculous because you haven't learnt how to drive yet and yet are supposed to notice everything you would normally and more