Friday, 15 July 2011

I know ya'll weren't thinking sweet thoughts for me!

Ick ick ick ick!
I took the medicine yesterday before I went and I managed the first 5ml spoonful okay - tastes like lemon sherbets but a very bitter unpleasant after-taste. No biggie.
The other medicine, the one I had to take 25ml's of - --- but that I was only provided the equipment for getting 10ml doses out of the bottle ---- went less well.
The first 15ml's were okay, it smelled and tasted like toffee sauce...for about 3 seconds. Then the burning acid bitter horrendous flavour came out. On my 20ml spoonful I actually vomited into my mouth and started cramming biscuits and lemonade down to try keep the whole dose down. Needless to say I had to wait another ten minutes before taking the final dose --- so it didn't reappear on the kitchen floor --- and then hop round on one foot trying not to barf. Delightful.

It gets better.

For the procedure I was half-naked...did I really need SIX other people in the room with me ---- my guess is no. Although the wonderful nurse who offered me her hand in the procedure talked me through it while I was in agony and trying not to cry, she stroked my head and assured me it would be over soon and that I could do this. I'm not sure I'd have managed not to have kicked and punched those around me if it wasn't for her, at one point I was in agony and trying to breathe through feeling like I was being ripped apart, they reassured me they could stop and re-start when the doctor got in the room but I shook my head, the sooner it's over the better. They did scream for the doctor to come immediately so it could be over, which was great. And afterwards feeling a bit sheepish now it was over and less painful they all were very sympathetic saying it is a very painful thing to have done and I did great.

Afterwards I didn't lose my sight "YAY" BUT ----- I did suffer with chronic diarrhoea which is a rare side-effect of the procedure and the drugs I was on, guess it wasn't my day.
I was under strict "stay off your feet" orders and D had to pander to my every whim, which would have been awesome were I keeping anything down and not writhing on the sofa whimpering.

It was horrible. The only plus was viewing my inners on the screen behind my head which looked like someone had set a firework off in them with all these squiggly trails of dye and organs. Hopefully the test will be clear, otherwise I have to have the same again but while unconscious and open in surgery. Joy happy happy joy joy. We'll get the results soon. I hope they are clear or something minor and easily resolved has been picked up. I really don't want to do any more procedures I want to move on to the solution.


  1. It sounds like you may have had the same procedure I had a few years ago and, if it is, that was the worst pain I have ever felt. I'm sorry you had to go through that but I hope things start looking up! Have a better weekend :)

  2. Thanks andria, it probably was, I'm just left thinking god, if i thought that was bad how bad will labour be one day in the future...but then i remember, labour comes with drugs.

  3. :( Glad the procedure is over with at least. Keeping fingers crossed for swift, simple procedure during which you can be out like a light.

  4. I think there is a reason they knock you out the second time...because no one is stupid enough to fall for the same "it's only mildly uncomfortable" lie twice!!