Thursday, 7 July 2011

D nearly got me a Puppy

For our anniversary I got D a kid's bow & arrow and badminton set - which we took great delight knocking into next doors yard - hehehe - I mean --- ooops
..and D very nearly bought me this in Toys R Us it was just so ...... NEEEEEEEEDED me..... it's eyes are sooo * me with your pin number....* and the giraffe on display had tiny little arms so it could Give me a HUUG.... though it's eyes said "then I KEEL you!"

D actually bought me a Stunt Kite! (We'd had a kids kite on our honeymoon and it broke and we ran four miles down the beach laughing to try catch it)  - The stunt Kite however caused major arguments on "who had the right idea to fly the kite" neither of us did, since it never took off the ground. But with a little luck we'll maybe get a windy day and a do-over.


  1. Happy anniversary!
    One year H got me the sweetest, most delicately girly teddy bear I'd ever seen. Then I discovered it farted loudly if you squeezed it.
    And I loved it all the more.

  2. I love those stuffed animals with the huge eyes!