Friday, 8 July 2011


We've been all over the place this week, D surprised me with train tickets and reservations in another town for a fancy Italian meal, so here is a montage in pictures of our time.

Picnic in 'da park :)
As D said, a very kids-junk-food orientated picnic
Getting ready for our trip in my new freshly purchased dress :)

D's took me to the train station, left me on the platform while he purchased the tickets, then bundled me on a train heading to Sheffield. This is when i discovered I like "surprises" in theory only, and when on a train with no idea of the destination a small ball of "abduction" panic balled up in my stomach. Apparently I'm a control freak.
My dessert which looked an awful lot like the leaning tower of Pisa as it wobbled all over my plate.
This stupid horse picture RUINED my meal, it was priced at £295 and called "A Horse Rearing." In what frikkin' world is that a picture of a horse rearing, it's legs?  The legs are the wrong shape to be rearing this horse looks like it was drawn to have arms. So (suspecting that the painter painted a horse standing, then just rotated the picture) I rotated the image, nope can't be that either as the shoulder is too far forwards - stupid, stupid, painting.

And finally me waiting for the train home, with blurry arms :)


  1. I think it's a Zombie Horse... or a Franken-Horse. Either way, bad for the digestion. And who is it that buys the paintings at restaurants, anyway? SOMEONE must be doing it, or they wouldn't all have price tags!

  2. I figured it's a nice way to get free wall art with the "idea" you'll sell it...maybe...hehe

  3. Awesome picnic food! The dessert looks scrumptious. The dress is very cute and the trip is a lovely surprise. Though I'm with you, I'd probably freak out a little bit not knowing where I was going. :)

    The horse art is stupid, you are right.

  4. Agreed. Bad horse.

    Good boy, though.

  5. I'm going with Hoody's interpretation of Frankenhorse.