Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hell YEAH!

Wowza! I found this while strolling across the interweb!

Elephant Mahout Training
Four Seasons Tented Camp, Northern Thailand
You can do anything from half a day to three days depending just how much of an elephant fan you are, working side-by-side with local mahouts - expert trainers in the 2,000-year-old Thai tradition of elephant care. Guests interact directly with the rescued elephants, learning about the animals and their well-being from the mahouts, who also demonstrate the fundamentals of elephant driving. Which brings us to the best bit. Pachyderm trekking through the jungle. The camp also includes bathing and feeding the elephants and collecting them from their night-time feeding grounds. 

OMG SIgn me up, and show me how! This would completely tick off the FIRST item on my 100 by 100 list, methinks it's time to beat D into submission, or just plain ol' take my girlfriends and go, after all it's only three days so we could fly out, do it, and then fly home. Hell yeah, MINIBREAK, whose with me!


  1. Sign me up. I dearly love elephants. Their scratchy heads feel like my daddy's old scratchy head, so it is a sad/joyous thing to do - the scratching of the scratchiness, that is.

  2. I have no idea what elephants feel like - hence the goal - but it's around £200 for 3 days on the course, plus flights...each. Quite costly but that's what I'm saving up for now!

  3. Definitely a worthy goal to save for!