Sunday, 3 July 2011

Two anniversaries in one

‎1 year ago today I'd just had my "road accident." I smashed my face in, broke a bone in my wrist and messed my knees up for life (I still can't kneel down) - that's the reason I'm not crossing/going near ANY road's today. You know they'll just try to finish me off!
And not only am I marking the one year anniversary since I looked in the mirror and freaked out at the mangled mess that was my face, but tomorrow it's also D's & my 3rd Wedding Anniversary.

As such we have picnic plans - weather willing and I'm being taken somewhere "posh" for a meal at night and my only instructions are to "dress up....(wedding dress anyone?)" 
- we're so off to Macdonalds...I just know it.
So I'm going to "bounce" fo' now. I'll be back in a  few days with, I'm sure, tales to tell.

Since I refused to let D take a photo of my mangled face, here's how I looked 3 years ago tomorrow.

 Okay, so here's another, it's my anniversary ya'll just be glad I don't pull out the WHOLE ALBUM....yeah...counting yourself lucky now aren't ya!


  1. That dress is so sumptuous it needs its own blog.
    The humans in the picture look pretty snazzy too.
    PS.. congrats on #3!

  2. Gorgeous! Dress, setting, bride & groom... everything. :)

  3. Congratulations on the being married part, not so much the accident part. Okay so maybe the recovery part- congratulations on that, too! Have a fun time out! And if you do go out to McDonald's just order one of everything on the menu to make up for it.

  4. Beautiful pics! I'm up for seeing a few more!