Saturday, 23 July 2011

Fitting Room Madness

Yesterday I'd headed out of town to run some errands and decided to pop into a cheap-ish clothes store to try find some green cloth trousers to lounge around in. I picked up my size in trousers (12 in this country) and toddled off to the fitting room. When I got there (dragging my big noisy trolley) there was no attendant stood waiting, but one of the cubicles had the door shut...

Person in Cubicle, possibly attendant: HELLO?
Me : Hello
PINPA: Can you hear me?
PINPA ...... continues talking loudly.........on her mobile....

In which I realise I'm an idiot and get all embarrassed.
But our shouted conversation at least gets the attention of an ACTUAL attendant who grants me access to the magical shape-altering changing room.

I tried on the size 12 and it was like a pregnancy pant. I could fit both my hands in and pull it a good way away from my tummy. Then when I went to put MY jeans back on - they also wouldn't fit and kept slipping off.....which is odd as they fit just fine before the magical changing room. In the end I had to buy a size lower and probably could have gone down another size, but since I want them for lounging (lounging also involves eating junk food while sprawled like a fat pig Greek goddess) I figured the extra bit of give couldn't hurt.

My conclusion: just walking into the magical cubicle lost me 1/2 a stone. I'm SO going back next week :P


  1. Ooo... I need to find a magical dressing room like that. And I love the Greek goddess bit. I think that's a perfectly valid characterization.

  2. Grr. I wrote a very long, very funny comment. And it was eaten.

  3. nope, must be a Europe thing -- U.S. dressing rooms make you much, much fatter.