Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The devil makes work for idle hands...and legs...and...

D has decided the devil has "marked" me. I received 6 double yolkers recently and two night's ago we discovered a bruise on my leg in the shape of a perfect # 6. It's perfect - scarily perfect. I'd have photographed the offending bruise but by the time I woke up and remembered to today it's so faded I doubt you'd be able to notice it. It was eerily well formed and spaced. So while we're waiting for the next frightening #6 to appear, I thought I'd take the chance to show you my latest creations;

This is Elton the Sock Monkey - so named as his fancy eyes remind me of Elton John's Glasses! He's the first ever sock monkey I've ever made and he's really great! (The picture doesn't do him justice)

This is my first ever creation from my own imagination and is (obviously) a crab. But he/she needs a name still.

Now comes the part where I ask you guys for help! I'm trying to find a name as the label for all my critters so they stand apart in the crowd of handmade toys. I was thinking ________ Minions, but I can't think of a good first name. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Today is Reese's Day!


Thanks Jen! I have never tried Marshmallow fluff but I can barely wait for D to arrive to do so! Serious yummy noises are coming from my house now - and I'm pretty certain I can now replace my blood with pure reese's filling.