Monday, 5 December 2011

Today is Reese's Day!


Thanks Jen! I have never tried Marshmallow fluff but I can barely wait for D to arrive to do so! Serious yummy noises are coming from my house now - and I'm pretty certain I can now replace my blood with pure reese's filling.


  1. are you serious? You had never had Marshmallow Fluff? That means you've never had a FlufferNutter (peanut butter and fluff sammich!) Get your ass in the kitchen!

  2. Yeah Jen sent me it with a note to go make a fluffernutter. We just don't have your massive selection of junk food over here. Our cheese is can-less. I can however show you what an apple looks like :P lol

  3. I'm still very, very bitter that y'all's chocolate has more sugar in it than ours does. Stupid Revolution...

  4. I just had the best cookies ever with Reese's cups in them. I know you and baking are at odds, but let me know if you want the recipe.

    Enjoy the treats!