Thursday, 19 April 2012

D's Guest post #1

Since we got married in July 2008 there was always a plan and it came in three phases;

Phase 1: Work
This part of the plan involved husband getting a job with steady, regular hours and decent progression prospects. Wife was looking to set herself up in business and start to rock the world.

Phase 2: Live
To be precise, where to live. Using the steady income from phase 1, we decided we wanted somewhere nice to live, and to surround ourselves with nice things, and lead active and full lives. This isn't to be taken as a greedy pursuit of stuff, but having lived in some awful, grotty grot-holes we kind of wanted somewhere that didn't affect our health, better yet maybe we could live somewhere that positively impacted our wellbeing! Similarly, we wanted to slowly get rid of the mismatched pile of hand-me-down furniture that was frankly on its last legs and slowly replace it all with new stuff that suited out taste. Besides, all of the above served as a precursor to phase 3.

Phase 3: Start our Family
With everything now in place, and by everything I mean a global business empire and a massive palatial home, we would be ready to have a child and start our family...

Of course, life is what happens when you're busy making plans....


  1. Yay, D! Now get back to those chores, manservant! ; )

  2. :D I'm sure he's had a guest post once before but I couldn't be bothered to look back through the years of posting lol