Friday, 20 April 2012

The Spirit of Generosity

I don't know if it's because we're having multiples, or perhaps just because we know some lovely people, but the generosity we are receiving from others is very touching.
D and I are not "poor" and neither are we loaded. We manage to pay our bills every month, buy the occasional extravagant item and have a meal or two out together. We have no real debt's and overall we're happy with where we are financially. Sure a bit of extra cash coming in from my side would be great (We wish we could afford to have some savings) and sure we do live a bit hand-to-mouth at times, but overall we live within our means.

 Since announcing our triplet news (and yes buying three of most things is costly) we've been picking up bargains where we can. By far the nicest thing we have received is the support and help from other parents and family members.

Dom's grandparents bought us round a 'meals on wheels' dish last night - my word it was delicious (I would have taken a photo but I wanted to eat it so bad I couldn't wait!). D is new to all this cooking melarky and while his attempts are (mostly) successful, the chance for a home cooked meal from someone who actually knows what she is doing was well received. (So well received that later that night 'preggers' here went back into the kitchen and stood over the baking tray eating the leftovers with a fork.)

 We have been given two cots FREE - these cots cost hundreds of pounds brand new and two kind-hearted families have simply given us their old ones along with other bits of nursery furniture which have saved us plenty of money, time and worry.

Family members are making us "care packages" for when the babies come and helping us sell our old household items.

My parents have been grabbing things they know are on my "list" from charity shops when they come across them (diaper genies etc.)

 Friends have been providing me with much craved and hard-to-find snacks (thank you emmzie for the choc covered pretzels) as well as running some of my errands.

Random people off of the-book-of-face in my town have been sending me items of maternity wear so I can actually leave the house without wearing pjs. The kindness is overwhelming. It really helps us to keep our bank account from spontaneously combusting and to get organised. We really appreciate every offer of help we've recieved.

It feels to me like we're having these babies as a whole family and a large community, everybody wants to know how they are doing and is sending us good wishes and support. D and I are getting to enjoy spending time together before we become a family of 5, (cripes 5!) being excited over the future, without the excessive financial worries I'm sure many parents go through.
 We've also now got enough stuff to warrant actually decorating and setting up the nursery and playroom. I wasn't planning on doing that until later, but having massive piles of baby-stuff sat everywhere is starting to bug me, maybe the house will stop looking like a jumble sale once we put things in their proper place (and not just continually on top of each other).
 Paint samples here I come!!

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