Monday, 2 April 2012

See how they grow

I'm still throwing up all the time, and hoping to god that means they are all going to get as full term as possible. They say the sicker you get at the start the better the later stages should go. I seriously hope that's a fact as an alarming number of triplet pregnancies don't make it past 24 weeks. If we can just get as close as possible to 35 weeks (when I'm being induced) I will be relieved. Just another 24 weeks to go then....

On a depressing note, I've been told I can't have my babies at my local hospital (across the road from where I live) and will be shipped off anywhere in the country that can take me when I go into labour. I'm glad I will get the best care for us, but I am very anxious about being anywhere up to 600 miles from D and the strain that will put on him and his job as he wants to be with me when they arrive.
Still we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. For now I'm concentrating on baking these babies and have another scan later today to check their development - fingers crossed everyone is healthy and forming well.


  1. Good Lord, they're getting big! SQUEEEEEEE!

  2. I second Hoody's squeeeeeee! Hang in there - this is one of those one day at a time situations if ever I saw one.