Saturday, 18 July 2015

Peanut Butter Chronicles

The other night D and I were talking to Zarek about how he could have half a crumpet with butter on for supper and a custard cream.

Ayla comes running across the room shouting:
"I want Penis! I want Penis!, I want PENIS Daddy!"

Dom: Wha...I...uh...wha?

*we look at each other puzzled*


Me: Ayla.... do you want peanut butter?

Ayla: Yes, I want Penis butter

Me: Okay then... *start laughing*

Dom: We don't have peaNUT butter on crumpets that would be yucky.

Ayla (many tears and loud shouting about penis')

Me: We could have peaNUT butter sandwiches tomorrow for dinnertime though?

Ayla: "yes penis butter sandwich tomorrow later"

Me: Ayla can you say Pea - NUT

Ayla: Yes penis...

Me: No Ayla Pea

Ayla: Pea


Ayla Nut

Me: Pea Nut

Ayla: Peenu

Me: That'll do.

A story to horrify her on her 18th birthday