Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Notice boards #2

At my local supermarket on Sunday I discovered what I thought was another funny announcement board notice.

"Unwanted gift, Still wrapped - £45 call..."

I couldn't stop laughing at it and the ambiguity, D and I were discussing just how much we could get away with wrapping up our random junk worth mere £'s and turning it into £££'s by simply wrapping it in Christmas paper and putting an ad up.

...then I moved the card to discover the one above had plopped down over the top line entitled "Set of dumbells" - oh I see, the person writing the card wasn't as dumb as I first though...
Needless to say we adjusted the card back to it's funny style (dumbell line covered up) and left quietly while still giggling to ourselves.

So we add now to our lessons of "How to use a notice board"
Leave the top line BLANK - in case of upper card fall-age.


  1. You see cool stuff on your message boards. The Bloggess sees cool stuff on her message boards. I need to move some place with message boards!

  2. There is one in each of my supermarkets - 4 in the town - and one in a shop in town too!
    So .. what I'm saying is...MOVE HERE! lol

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