Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Exercise Routine

Now you can do it too!

Step 1 - conveniently leave cordless house phone in upstairs office
Step 2 - using one of many sites (I chose Amazon) request a callback
Step 3 - Choose option NOW not 'in 5 minutes'
Step 4 - Run out of living room and up flight of stairs
Step 5a - Remember you're ill and start panting ** Optional
Step 5b - Burst into office in way of TV cop show.
Step 6 - Hurdle pile of boxes and stock that you were going to put away later (laundry can be used if boxes are unavailable) and which is strewn across the entire floor
Step 7 - Start throwing empty boxes behind you (great for working the biceps)
Step 8 - Crawl under computer chair to reach desk
Step 9 - Answer phone

and repeat ad nauseum.

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