Thursday, 5 January 2012

Three Stops, Three Continues, Three Starts

I read about this three stops, continues and starts idea on a fellow business owners blog and I liked it so much I decided to try answer them myself for the new year.

Three Stops

  1. Leave the market - the footfall is dying and I can't see it working over the start of the new year, maybe mid-year it'll be better when they have finished renovations.
  2. Worrying that some other people claim to do such sales that dwarf my own, my business speaks for itself and being around people who gloat or lie about their takings to wind-up other business holders is not healthy and shows their lack of decorum and business sense. 
  3. Letting paperwork pile up over a week so it seems like too much to do. Start doing it daily or bi-daily as it worked better that way before I formed a bad "it's not as important as sales" habit.
Three Continues

  1. Using Amazon and price checking the entire inventory on a monthly basis.
  2. Posting across our Facebook business page and profile.
  3. Driving - Continue lessons in February and re-book test.

Three Starts

  1. Open a shop and launch a website connected to it.
  2. Make a work time-table to help best manage the time I have and how it should be spent on the different areas of the business. No more feeling like I'm dashing between home, work and on-line and doing a shoddy, rushed job on everything. Factor in some 'down-time.'
  3. Attend a toy fair to view new brands and ideas in 2012.


  1. I'm commenting here that I'm glad you're back because I don't know if you'll go back three posts. So...I'm glad you're back. What is with our little bloggy community? We need some vitamin C, echinacea, purr therapy...

  2. I know everyone has been so ill! I've been back to my specialist today to be told... my results show i'm still ill!!! He's not too worried though as they show improvement but it might be weeks before I'm back to normal

  3. I also had too much purr therapy, two weeks in I banned all furry friends from my lap,sight and hearing since they kept SITTING ON MY TUMMY and inducing vomiting lol we're now rebuilding our relationships

  4. And they are wondering why you wouldn't work through the pain! It's therapy! What's a little vomiting - as long as you don't get it on them - when they are trying to help?

  5. It was agony so after the umpteenth time of refusing to sit BY me not ON me - they were cursed and yelled at