Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The End of the World Cometh

So I, like most of you are I'm sure, sceptical about the end of the world in 2012. I always take the opinion if the world IS going to end, there is nothing I can do to stop it so I might as well enjoy the ride - hold D's hand and take as many people with me as possible when I go  enjoy what's left.
Well this morning I woke up to something that looked a little like the end of the world was already here.
The forest at the back of my house was bending over, the rain that had fallen was rushing in waves across the floor, the contents of my garden furniture and planters were taking off, and all this through rain and hail so thick I could barely see out.
Once I got past feeling ... shocked. I spent a good ten minutes calling Kara to come in from outside....before discovering her sitting under the coffee table just staring at me. So I sat on the sofa with three pretty nervous cats, looked out again and thought...gees, if you told me today it was the end of the world...I'd believe you.
Then cursed D for being at work - I mean why-oh-why does he have to go back to work, why can't he just stay home with me all the time - sure I know we need the money for bills and rent and stuff, but seriously sometimes I'd rather starve and spend the day curled up with D watching movies - although having done this before I KNOW it doesn't work and I really prefer eating, having a roof over my head...and seeing him before and after work.
But I digress...
Why is he AT WORK on the day the world is ending, talk about abandonment!
In the end I phoned my mum...who lives a mere 0.01 of a mile away, just to know I wasn't alone if in fact the world was ending...which it hasn't...because I'm still typing...
So, I guess we can all be as sceptical as we like or as much of a believer as we like that the world is going to end...but when it finally does (hopefully millions of years from now) we are all going to have the same dumbfounded look on our faces as I did this morning.

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