Monday, 16 January 2012

A squirrel fuelled shopping trip

I know many of you know of my love of squirrels. Begun at the age of 5 with some rare red squirrels, continued by foamyand then encouraged by the ones that live at the bottom of the garden.
Well today I apparently have squirrels on the brain. Concerned about the lack of mr and mrs squirrel over the winter - they usually stop by every Sunday - I've completely over filled the bird table, feeders and covered most of the floor to lure them out.

Then I went shopping...

I returned home with this terrific pair of squirrel pjs with tiny squirrels on the bottoms. They are the cosiest, comfiest pj's I have EVER owned. The top even has the caption "I'm nuts about you"
And they have squirrels on them.....score!


Who could avoid buying these with that squirrel full of attitude on the cover. Seriously, I bought like six.

And then it wasn't until I arrived home and discovered later that evening the gift I bought for D...some brilliantly expensive chocolate-caramel-banoffee pie bar had a.....

Yes a squirrel in a TUX on it - classy chocolate ;)

EDIT: This morning mr squirrel was feeding at a neighbour's bird feeder...ten minutes later and with some stealthy moves mr squirrel is now feeding from the neighbours bird feeder at the bottom of MY garden - they're MY squirrels dammit!


  1. Your squirrels are cheating on you -- better get some better snacks! Also, glad you're feeling better -- at least better enough to blog!

  2. yes doing better now, still not fixed but better :) long distances make me go lightheaded dizzy and make me feel like i'm going to vomit - but babysteps right :D

  3. What happens if you give the squirrels some of your cereal?