Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

By the end of it I was half expecting bluebirds to fly down, sweep her veil away into the sky as flower petals fell on it in the words "They lived happily ever after."
The whole thing screamed Disney to me.

I did blubber when it reminded me of my wedding, (I don't know why, it wasn't as if the paparazzi and police turned up to my wedding...oh...wait) then I thought how nervous she must be as she is watched by billions.

P.S I loved the dress

Things I wondered
  • Didn't she look a little like the "evil" bride from little mermaid?

  • Only prettier and not, well, evil
  • D slept through the whole thing -how?
  • I loved the bishop of London's speech, it was really meaningful- and why couldn't we have had a speech like that at our wedding?
  • Now I want to have a party
  • I want to ride in a carriage
  • I'm now going to wave just like Kate does

    Ball pictures coming Mon-Tues next week, there's a very good reason for the delay. I'll explain then.

    1. I want a carriage ride, too!

      The dress was very lovely.

    2. i totally missed seeing it on tv...but i did look through the slideshow of pics on yahoo news...she looked so beautiful...i saw the movie bout their love and was crying...i felt bad about all she went through in order to finally be with him...i dunno if i could have dealt with it like she did...she is so gonna be a wonderful queen of UK when William becomes king finally

    3. I think the movie was pretty....fictional