Wednesday, 6 April 2011

I like writing I do

There is a local on-line selling group which covers just our town and the villages around it. It helps you get rid of stuff that's oversized for posting and works a bit like gumtree. I found my bike on this site and sold my air walker amongst other things and it's a great, local way to sell for free.
They are working on releasing a website for us to sell via auction (for free we hope) but it concerns me when they send us a message such as this;

"Well we telled you about a month ago we was opening are very own auction site well were now happy to say were on the last steps and hoping to open the site at 8pm full address we be given soon."

Seriously? Seriously, you telled us? You was doing what? Oh, you was opening a site?
Makes me feel like I'm speaking to a 5yr old. Clearly this is not going to turn out as the "next Ebay" and it's taking all my self control NOT to comment on their post with the grammatically correct translation..what dya think...should I?

EDIT: Ahhaha, here is a previous post from the same clueless schmuck
"Coming soon to the internet in front off you are very own bid site little like that money making site called ebay but best thing about are site its 100% free were aiming to get are site fully working by sunday 8.00pm were the link will be posted stand by"


  1. Yikes. Looks like my blog after I had a few drinks. I do try to edit SOBER though before publishing. I said TRY.

  2. I is thinking we's should open are own advertising-editing service two make are own fortune!

  3. Ouch. I think I just sprained my brain.

  4. At least I wasn't the only one, a few of us commented on their poor grammar (yes I couldn't resist), so they removed the post, then re-posted it with no amendments. They'd only removed to get rid of our criticism - ridiculous