Tuesday, 12 April 2011

..and you were there, and you, and you were there too...

Last night I had the most crazy screwed up dream, and it's all your fault. This is the last time I read your blogs before bed-time.

So there is some major disaster and this stuff gets released in the air that causes people to turn nasty. After initial infection we are stuck in a major city trying to get to a boat and trying to find a solution. It starts off with about seven of us in a mini van, and people die all the time, we are trying to get away to some boat and save humanity. (Normal dream,right)
Well partway through my dream and everytime I encounter the "infected" I'm chased by Zombie-Hobo's Gee, thanks Hoody. So I'm pretty terrified and it's more of a flight than fight response. Only you don't get turned into "one-of-them" if they kill you to death. And hot-guy (there is always a hot guy) sacrifices himself to let us escape through the sewers so we can go to a seaworld/drainage ditch area to release a MASSIVE FLYING LIZARD (or dragon), thanks kitten thunder for that one, which will save us all. And they needed me because I knew how (yeah I'm not expendable, just some insurance that people save my ass) Something about it having the ability to negate the problem, or destroy the point of infection, I don't know I just know that's the part of the dream I got some kick-ass magical powers...finally got on a cruise ship,(ahem...thoughtsappear..ahem) and then WHAM woke up just as I faced off with the big baddie.

So either you guys have been brainwashing me or 'blogs before bedtime' is a complete FAIL!
Oh, and the next time you guys crash my dreams...we need more ammo!


  1. More ammo on the way, boss -- that's a big ten-4!

  2. Ooh! Ooh! I have Klingons tonight!

  3. No goats in this dream?

  4. Hmm I don't think so but it was very fast-paced