Friday, 22 April 2011

I'm so Tardy

I can't believe I've been gone for the last few days, every time I sat down to blog I'd get called away or fall asleep.
On Wednesday I journeyed out of town to buy some stock, and while there I also brought these for myself.

I'm not going to wear them, just keep them because I love me some Cookie Monster.
I also managed to pick up my dress for the masquerade ball on Thursday! I saw it a month ago, it's perfect, and even better, I only had a £20 budget, and when I found it in the store it was the ONLY DRESS ON SALE and had gone from £50 to £20 - THAT. IS. FATE.
And it's a size 8, and I can fit in it just fine, I haven't worn an 8 since my college prom and I usually can't cram my "goods" into anything smaller than a 10 without looking like I'm gonna tip-over, not that I'm amazingly endowed or anything, but fitting into an 8 is a massive esteem boost. I love you zumba.
Speaking of which... (D's new favourite term even when he wasn't speaking of what he turns the conversation to)
I went to Zumba again last night and I was laughing and smiling my way through so I think the other tired people may think I'm mad, I put all my effort into it and did just fine so I think the 15 miles I walked since last week have paid off. I love Zumba, it's just so much fun, and the instructor signalled me before the knee dance so I could sit out.
So that's the update for now, today is Good Friday so it's a no sweets,crisps,meat or nice-tasty-things-to-eat day and I'm sure by 5pm today I'll be clutching myself and crying over my chocolate cravings...that's what happened last year. On a plus, as of Sunday I CAN DRINK AGAIN!

(and how could I forget to mention PORTAL 2 was released yesterday and is now in my grubby little hands)

My best friend; The weighted companion cube.
Don't forget, the cake is a lie!


  1. Let me get this straight... you go out of town "on business" and come home with little boys' underpants? D is very understanding...

  2. Cute undies!

    Are you going to post a pic of your dress?

  3. I will do but I thought I'd post one of me in it with my mask (when I have one) since it's only 5 days away :)


    Well these are "girl" boxers they do look a little different (aka no Y front) in fact they just look like shorts, but this picture lets me show you all the design when mine have cookie monster on the front and rows of him on the bum. They were a range of sesame street undies in one shop.

    I'd like to add I did come home with stock but they'd run out of the majority of what I wanted so I need to get a train in the opposite direction this week to go to the outlet where they apparently have just restocked "10" of everything.

  4. I've never played Portal but since the end credits song is my new reason to live, I guess I ought to at least try. I understand it to be a lot of logic and puzzles, though, and those things have a restraining order against me.

  5. Love the underpants! And I'll have to look at Portal as well. I'm not great at logic, but I like puzzles.

  6. Well it's more about puzzles that will kill you if you don't do them right...which makes it awesome..


    Try portal 1 first it can be found on the game "half life - the orange box" as a "mini game" Portal 2 is the story sequel so it's best to play the first one.

    The whole thing is very sarcastic and funny and awesome

  7. Love the knickers. Is that what they're called there or have I watched too many Upstairs, Downstairs episodes?

  8. Knickers or pants or even panties if I'm trying to embarrass D in a lingerie shop.