Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The tax year cometh!

Finally the tax year ends today! Woohoo!
So far I have managed to spend an extra £150 on stock and I get to go post my items later today which should spend some more of my accountable cash.
I've celebrated by ordering lunch to be delivered from one of those "we only deliver to businesses" places.
When D placed the order she kept saying "we don't do homes" but un-perturbed he gave her my company name and address so finally she agreed to deliver. We even made sure to order THREE sammiches just so we looked official and fully staffed (one is for my tea while D is working the 2-10pm shift tonight.) D intends on handing my business card over when he receives the food, but I'm pretty certain that we're probably gonna have to give them a tour of the office to get them to hand over the grub first!
I hope you are all enjoying your end of the tax year celebrations....oh is it just me that celebrates? Well i'll save a bite of sandwich for ya!

1 comment:

  1. hmmm... we have a sammich place that will only deliver to businesses. Maybe if we give them our DJ business card and hit them in the face with a speaker they'll cave?

    Enjoy your sammiches and your "Done for another year" time!