Sunday, 3 April 2011

Who knew running a business could be so hectic?

This is a very quick catch-up, now that the toblerone frenzy has ended I realise how much is left to be done.
The tax year ends in three short days and I CAN'T WAIT! Then I'm probably going to owe £800 tax so I need to get on earning that cash for the tax man. It's complicated as I shouldn't be paying tax (and can't afford to) on my new business but because I worked for nine months last year in a "real" paid job, I'm liable - which TOTALLY SUCKS! So even though I earned and paid tax on 13k last year and only earned £600 (untaxed) from my business I probably still owe £800. On the good side I don't need to pay it until Jan 2012, it's advisable to try pay it before then though.

With the tax year ending I have a lot of paperwork to get through, sums to do and stock to check (whoop-de-freeking-do) I need to also decide if staying with the (th)E(y stole my money)B(y heck their cut is large)(What)A(ridiculous shop price)(wh)Y(are the costs so high?) or if I'm going to float a few items cheaply until August and then throw all my stock back on-line over Christmas (with the help of D taking his holiday's then to help me) and only truly trade on there aug-march. Still undecided but I have until the 15th to have a solution.

And on top of that, I want to bake a cake today before my eggs go off, a chocolate cake, with proper chocolate,

So my apologies if my blog over the next fortnight is haywire, lacking content or written by me when tired, mardy and at midnight.
After the 15th I'm back to normal working-ness (I dearly hope) and none of this ridiculous adding up, squeezing pennies and trying to understand why my bank balance and my account balance disagree...seriously where is the extra 20 quid.
For now I'm going to pop and see el'crazy'momma of mine as it's Mothers Day here, and if I don't do it now I'll get busy working and it'll be midnight when I realise I never went to see her.
So if any of ya'll have some extra motivation just "lying" around send it my way, please, oh and an extra £800 couldn't hurt either :P

EDIT: Also just to explain the title, they do tell you in all the books and bumf that a business is a lot of work. Which isn't a problem, I like work and my ex-staff said there was no way I could fail because of how hard I work and how motivated I am (thanks btw Alex) What they straight out don't tell you is that you have to think AND DO lots of things at once, so you always feels like your mind is running with all this information and you can't process it all fast enough. So I now have whiteboards to write the things to do down in the (false) hope they will vacate my mind.
So to be clear, I'm not whining about the workload, I'm whining about the sheer responsibility of feeling like I need to do ten jobs, be in ten places and resolve ten things simultaneously.
When I can finally hire staff it will be a happy day!


  1. I was told there would be no math reading your blog.

    Good luck with your paperwork!

  2. I love that you cook like I do -- "I want to make a cake before the eggs go off." Mine is, "What's for dinner?" "Stew, before the potatoes get sprouty."

  3. Let me know when the cake is ready. I'm coming over...with ice cream.

  4. I wish there was no math ever laura, although when one day the math reads that my balance is 1 million...I might change my mind.
    Yes I'm always "What goes off next?" We tend to eat fresh food fri-tues then I'm back to frozen or canned....okay I'll be honest...or take-out
    Mmn cake and ice cream :) I will do although D's being off work sick is throwing a wrench into my bake-a-thon.