Friday, 8 April 2011

Leopards are dying. FACT!

My favourite TV channel seems to be sponsored by every charity under the sun as each commercial is a plea for just £X a month.
My favourite advert is the leopard one. It informed me that there are only 37, 37 leopards! Left in the wild - this really made me pay attention and try figure out how to afford £36 a year to adopt E'ulgeri.
Then D came home and we were watching my favourite TV channel (because I hid the remote) when the same advert came on.almost.

Advert: "There are only 35 leopards left in the wild"
Me: WTF? That advert was on an hour ago and there were 37 alive then!
D: There you go killing things with your mind-bullets again.
Me: Dammit!


  1. I wanna know how do they know? And if there's a guy out there just watching the leopards and keeping count, WHY DOESN'T HE STOP THEM FROM DYING???

  2. This countdown is as exciting as watching the ball drop on New Year's. When we get down to the final ten can we invite Dick Clark to count them down?