Thursday, 7 April 2011

Roarke is a moron

What you see above is the image of a cat, so stupid he can give himself a concussion.

Last night after watching Lambing Live (more about that tomorrow) I realised one of my girl cats was out. It's pitch black and I walk through the dining room (without turning a light on) and up to the french door so I can open it and let her in.
No sooner have I put my hand on the door than a solid "THUNK" noise is heard against the glass. I am now part-way to opening the door and shut it firmly again seeing the streak of black and thinking my neighbours stupid dog has broken into my yard.
I then slowly re-open the door to discover Roarke giving me his "why did you hit me" face while falling over.
Yes, he in his eagerness to use his magical cat-powers* to open the door, ran head-first into it.
Roarke spent the next twenty minutes purring desperately, wobbling around while looking cross-eyed, and could only be described as "DIZZY".
D spent the rest of the evening testing Roarke reflexes - it would seem he has none - and I allowed him to sleep on the bed just in case he started dying or choking on his tongue or something.
Today he is doing fine, but not once has he left the house via the french windows. Instead he is asking for the front door or window to be opened. Delayed smartness.
What was most confusing about last night is the door opening makes a significant noise which usually is enough to call the cats in without me hollering. What Roarke thought he was doing is beyond me, I'm slightly concerned he'd been head butting the door for an hour to try get it to open once his cat powers* had failed.

* Magical cat powers include, but are not excluded to, staring at something until it does what you want it to do.


  1. I just tried to post a comment and buggery Blogger ate it and now I can't get those thoughts back but let me just say it was pretty damn clever and if I think of it again I'll let you know.
    Stupid comment eating Google empire. Curse you!

  2. I meant of course, curse Google empire and not you.

  3. Ugh that happens to me a lot too! Thankfully my computer has gotten wise and undo's my last action if I beat my keyboard enough.

  4. I have to hit "post comment" about four times to get one of those kaptchas to come up. But I've figured it out now - though I am sad for all the clever things I had to say the first two weeks I read this blog. Things that went unsaid. Sigh.

    This is hilarious. Though I once ran full speed into a glass storm door, so I can't really be too smug about your cat's intelligence.

  5. that picture looks like he's still a little fuzzy from the trauma... but Callie Jean flipped herself headfirst off the bed playing with a straw last night, so I can't judge...

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