Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to fool a salesman

Generic Film Salesman : Hello Ladies can I ask you where you rent your movies from?
Me: *staring blatantly at the sign above his booth and reading off it* Generic
GFS: *skeptical* Realllly?
Me: *looking at him right in the eye* Yup.
GFS: So how did you hear of us?
Me: I got a discount code through the post for a 30-day trial.
GFS: And did you continue it after 30-days?
Me: .....Sure.
GFS: Well I guess I can't ask for better than that
*turns to my friend*
GFS: Do you use Generic
MF: I got a trial through the post too
GFS: ...Aww now C'MON, you didn't BOTH get a trial
ME: *shrugs* I gave her my code
GFS: *clearly aware he's being played but unable to sell us something we say we already have* !SIGH! Well, did you continue the service
MF: Okay
GFS: *grinding his teeth* Well have a good day then.


  1. That's awesome! I'm going to so try that some time.

    In our mall people always try to sell hand and nails lotiony stuff and the fake cigarette to help people quit. The cigarette guy is easy because I don't smoke, but I'll have to try this on the nail people.

  2. They can't sell you what you claim to already have, try "I was given some for my birthday and I kept buying it." "I signed up months ago" "I already donate to that charity monthly." "Oh cool, I have one of those" Etc.