Friday, 31 January 2014

In memory of my Grandma

'I am who I am because of you
I'll miss you each and every day
But the memories I have had with you, 
they will always stay'

Thursday, 30 January 2014

When it rains..

 While searching for the medicine box I noticed some things the under the sink cupboard seemed condensationy....then realised they were a puddle...oh crap the pipe was dripping. Mention it to hubby, he touches it with some pilers and OH LOOK the pipe collapsed spraying water EVERYWHERE. He's trying to plug the leak, i'm trying to find the stop cock (yes my rather intelligent husband hadn't turned the water supply off BEFORE fiddling with it) to discover what I thought was the stop cock is the gas shut-off. So I trade with hubby (much spraying of water ensues) until i can get my pregnant behind in the cupboard my thumb pressed firmly against the leak to stop any more carnage. This goes on for about twenty minutes with us switching position before I manage to find the location of the stop-cock in our mortgage info, it was only behind the blooming washing machine!. So hubby and i trade places again - more water spraying EVERYWHERE. He has to dissassemble a cupboard and drag the washer out, turns the cock and .... STILL FLOODING! Finally Goes outside and (genius moment) empties the hosepipe and voila the flood stops. His dad arrives to our phonecalls of "omg what do we do where is the stop cock" and the menfolk discover the entire pipe and taps are corroded. £50 later i have a new kitchen tap and pipe plumbed in by his wonderful dad. They leave and we discover it's still leaking, but from further back. This time easily tightened. But the cupboard, cupboard contents, next cupboard and floor were drenched. There's a heavily pregnant me trying to navigate without slipping, both D and I soaked through and the kids screaming from the drama of it all......
maybe a little funny