Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sleep Cravings

So last night it didn't matter what i was dreaming about (horse racing, walking, junk yards) I still kept dreaming about apple crumble and custard. I could even smell it. I woke up this morning and the smell continued to follow me around the house- it wasn't until I sniffed my hands that I realised the new moisturiser i used last night (smells like vanilla and baileys) was to blame.
As I'd slept the skin over my bump had heated and make a warm vanilla smell that my mind had tried to "sleep identify" as delicious custard and what do i have custard with - crumble. I'm going to have to make a crumble today now to satisfy the cravings!
I even announced to D when he got up at 5am (in a very whiny voice) that I wanted crumble and custard before turning over and going back to sleep. Poor D didn't know what to say or do while he got ready for work, it was clear he wasn't sure if I meant I wanted him to now, at 5am start cooking a crumble or if I was just informing him so he can pick up some custard on his way home from work. Poor D.


  1. Closed-Circuit to D: The answer is always "both." You must immediately begin making the crumble at 5am AND pick up custard. Really, you should have had the custard on hand already...

  2. Now I want some apple crumble and custard. Can D get some for me, too?

  3. :-)

    That's why I avoid the vanilla-scented anything. It makes my pants' sizes go up...


  4. Ooooh...what moisturizer are you using that smells like that? It actually sounds delightful!