Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A little sick here, a little sick there, here a sick, there a sick, everywhere a sick, sick

After seven LONG weeks, I think maybe, just maybe the sickness is going away and the placentas are kicking in! I haven't actually been sick in a week now, but every morning I'm still having plenty of close calls.
I almost daren't hold my breath or mention it too much in case I jinx it!

Enter heartburn.

Yes just as I get away from being constantly sick, I now have a terrible burning sensation in the base of my throat. I'm pretty sure it's all my doctor's fault!

A few months ago he asked me if I was suffering from any sickness, I happily shook my head and told him none so far. The VERY NEXT DAY and for weeks onwards there I was head in the toilet, throwing up the rainbow.
I saw this doctor again on Thursday and this time he asked me if I had any heartburn. I happily shook my head and told him none so far.
On Friday I had a fire in my throat, and onwards nearly everyday since.

At least the next time he asks me if I'm experiencing a symptom I can prepare to get it the following day!

And happy news for you poor neglected souls, if the sick really is going away now I hope to get back to our usual scheduled bloggage and keep you all updated a few times a week, and check in on your blogs more that I have been doing!

So this is just a quick post today to say we're all doing just fine. I'm starting to get the odd fluttering feeling and both D and I can't decide if it's wind or babies! Either way, it's all getting pretty darned exciting. Fingers crossed I'm kicking morning sicknesses ass (FINALLY)


  1. Are you sure your doctor is not a voodoo witch doctor? Sounds like he's cursing your ass!

  2. Tell the doctor to ask you if you're feeling lovely and have no problems whatsoever.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. He might well be hoody!

    What a great idea thoughtsy!!

    Today i feel poorly - jinxed much?